Monday, 28 January 2013

Jack Russell Terrier

It was good fun painting this little dog. He started to 'come alive' under the brush really quickly - I hadn't finished his nose and his collar wasn't even started - but there he was, looking back up at me, unblinking, of the view as JRTs so commonly are, that he had no need of a collar. I chose this little dog to paint because I thought he had a feisty and unflinching stare, which a JRT ought to have. Also, his little moustache amused me. Looked a bit like Hitler's? When I told him this, his look took on an air of derision. He says his moustache is merely distinguished. 

I have two JRT friends. One is a girl with a fiery temper who kills rats and lines their bodies up neatly on the front lawn (she lives on a farm in case you wondered). Once she took the same approach to a little flock of baby turkeys and was less popular. The other one is a boy who has a habit of running into drainage pipes or similar and getting stuck, always in the middle of nowhere and always out of mobile phone signal, so his owner ends up having to dig him out with his bare hands. The dog takes the view it's not his fault the mobile phone network is rubbish in rural Devon, and of course he is right.

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