Friday, 1 February 2013


Thought I would post an extra large image today, in deference to what is an extra large dog. This is an Old English Mastiff. I hadn't realised there were different types of mastiff until I looked into the breed. This type looks quite sedate and elegant compared to a Neopolitan, for example. Here's a Neopolitan: I took one look at him and decided not to paint him.
I couldn't see the eyes and that is one of my rules if you remember - no eyes, no painting. The other day I was getting out of the car in a car-park when I had that feeling of being observed. I glanced into the adjoining car and two pairs of bloodshot eyes were coolly surveying me. The owners of the eyes were sitting in the driver's and the passenger's seats respectively, their heads brushing the roof of the vehicle. Two brindle Mastiffs. Now there's a car you wouldn't have to fret about locking before leaving.

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