Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Olde Englishe Bulldogge

A puppy, snoozing in the sun. Despite not being able to see his eyes, I felt this little dog had somehow managed to project his entire personality as well as his tongue. Hope you agree. The extravagant spelling of this dog's breed name is deliberate: he's not to be confused with any other 'type' of bulldog: the Olde Englishe has been created (or re-created) - ironically - by an American, Mr Leavitt of Pennsylvania. The breed "original" of the Regency period (1811 -1822)  became extinct following laws to halt bull-baiting in England. Now, the new Olde Englishe is recognised by the American Rare Breed Association but not by any other Kennel Club. 
Still, dogandpetpaintings.blogspot recognises the breed and would like to have a cuddle of one very much.

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