Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Blue Merle Collie

Merle is a modifying gene that causes patchy pigmentation over the body. It can also extend over the nose and eyes producing pink noses and blue or odd coloured eyes. Merle is a dominant gene so a doggie only needs one copy of the gene.  Blue merle is when the merle gene is acting on a black/white base - like the dog I have painted for today.
A ‘double merle’ is a merle that has two copies of the merle gene, this is to be avoided at all costs as there are numerous health issues associated with this genetic combination, mainly deafness, poor eyesight and general poor health and development. 

The next collie I am working on is a bigger painting and won't be ready to post tomorrow. I originally started "daily paintings" (ok, 3 x per week) to try and get in as much practice (and potential for improvement) as possible in the shortest amount of time.

I have now got to a point where I am worrying that my daily paintings are stopping me from improving: working alla prima (all-in-one-sitting) means you can get a painting done and dusted pretty quick but it is (a) small and (b) lacking in detail. If I carry on only doing this sort will I stop being able to paint more developed or finished pieces?

There's always something to be anxious about, isn't there. I think I have a dominant gene  - my mum used to call it the worry guts gene.