Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hilary Mantel and Bella

Something completely different today. This is a little, 8"x6" study that I completed with a view to  doing a big version rather than as a daily dog post. It was a humungous lot of work, though, so I am now daunted at the prospect of doing it big. What do you think? 
Hilary Mantel is my all-time favourite writer and all-round heroine, hence I picked her as a subject. Plus I was wondering when Vol 3 of her trilogy about Thomas Cromwell would be finished, then my thoughts wandered - as they do - to Bella, Thomas Cromwell's little dog (as imagined by Hilary. I don't think we know in real life if TC had a dog or not). I thought, poor Bella - when TC gets his head chopped off who will look after her?? Yes, I know it's only a story. Anyway, I figured Bella should find a home with Hilary. The painting in the background is a faint echo of Hans Holbein's famous portrait of Thomas Cromwell, flipped 180ยบ.

Here's another portrait completed by me last week. It was for practice, that's all, and I never expected it to see the light of day but it seems appropriate today. No doggie, though, although I have read that in her old age MT adopted a big, fat cat from Battersea which she called Pussikins, and I would have incorporated this cat had I known.

I was motivated to paint both of these in the first instance by the acquisition of my very first tube of Prussian Blue, which was very exciting. It is my new favourite colour.

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