Thursday, 4 April 2013

White Greyhound

Last doggie for this week and last greyhound for the time being. There were two other paintings before this one but both were 'wipers'. In the end, with ridiculous superstition, I decided the wiped panel was itself jinxed and put it to one side and took a new one! 

I think the main problem was, in fact, composition. For these little daily paintings - 8"x6" - it can be tricky to get the composition right. I was attempting a running greyhound but really and truly 8"x6" is no WAY enough space for any self-respecting greyhound to run about in.

My dog Bilbo had plenty of space to run about by the lake on our walk yesterday but it was sooo cold

this was the view from further along the bridleway. The arrow points to where we live, more or less. We both collapsed in a heap like exhausted greyhounds after this freezing hike. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. 

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