Monday, 13 May 2013

Andalusian rooster

Original image  © Steve and Terry Golson.
As promised, something different  this week. This is a baby rooster called Mr Grumpy. I wanted the challenge of painting white-on-white, which is what this subject essentially is. 
You know those paint charts where you have 150 shades of white, starting with magnolia but the names then getting more and more unlikely? And how you can hardly tell the difference one from another and dither and dither what to choose before sticking to magnolia after all? 
Well, painting a white subject on a white background is a bit like that, but with knobs on. You have to find a way of differentiating 50 shades of grey white, otherwise you might as well leave the canvas blank and be done with it.
Mr Grumpy lives at Little Pond Farm in Boston, MA and is owned by  Terry Golson, who blogs about her chickens most days; this week I am going to have a Little Pond Farm week,  as her photos are terrific: many thanks to her for letting me use them as reference. 

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  1. Mr. Grumpy is too grumpy to care about his portrait, but I do! :) This is wonderful, Karen. I'm so pleased that my animals have provided you with inspiration.