Thursday, 2 May 2013

Labrador 2

Lovely peaceful doggie, painted like yesterday's with a very restricted palette - the 3 primaries plus I used violet from a tube because it was just the right shade for darkening the shadows and saved mixing. After much experimenting - with largely horrible results - using browns for the shadows I have discovered what I should have known all along viz. use the complementary colour! Since this lab is essentially yellow - although very pale - the complementary is of course violet. I am much happier with the result. This scan of the painting is a tad washed out that's the only thing. In real life the painting is more vibrant.

A glorious day here yesterday so at long last I had a chance to go outside with my new pochade box (an outdoor painting kit) and give it a try. For non-painting readers, it looks like this:

I have never painted out of doors before and of course I paint dogs as a rule, not landscapes, but it was fun to try. My first effort was in the forest and was pretty dire: miles and miles of rolling coniferous forest and I felt a bit clueless. The second painting was in my back garden and I gave myself a timed 30 minutes to paint it so that I wouldn't be tempted to fuss. 

Some of the logistics will take practice, like dropping a tube lid into the leaf litter, reaching down to rescue it, dropping the whole tube as a consequence, trying to correct this, sticking a wet paint brush inadvertently up my nose, correcting that, the pochade box sliding off my knee entirely... The oil sketch of daffodils in front of my summer house was quite nice though:

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