Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pearl - looking..

original image © Terry Golson
This is Pearl, a Cochin who lives on Little Pond Farm. She muscled in on today's post: I had been going to show you Mrs Grumpy, companion to yesterday's little rooster, but Pearl was irresistible. A cochin, she has blue/grey feathers and of course a wonderful splash of warm red. Most chickens do have definite personalities: Pearl is one of them, I hope you will agree.

I've got 6 chickens presently of which 5 are distinct characters ranging from crotchety to skittish to bright-as-a-button (that's the one who has become a mean escapologist: keeping her contained in the chicken run is tricky). Just little Jane seems to have no personality whatsoever, although she is infinitely good-natured and placid. I suppose rather like the bland Jane Austen character who is her namesake.