Thursday, 16 May 2013

Polish Crested

As regulars at Hencam will know, this is Siouxsie, a Polish Crested. As well as a rather unique appearance she can also be something of a barnyard  bully and this painting, from a backlit photo of Terry's, I feel brings out her inner thug. As regards the head gear, it is hard to see what the point of it might be, unless like similar eye-popping head gear in the human world, its purpose is simply to say "look at me". 
Reminds me of Ascot Ladies' Day. For non-UK readers, Ascot is both a place (posh) and a racecourse (posher) and on Ladies' Day there is a tradition of wearing weird hats. Like these:
I tried to pick Siouxsie look-alikes, but I still think she beats them hands-down. There was also this one: the brushes would be quite effective for painting Polish Cresteds.