Thursday, 27 June 2013

Copper Kettle with oranges

When I did an on-line oil painting course with Dan Edmondson, one of the many wonderful tips I remember is to do with tackling difficult surfaces or subjects. How to paint copper? Dan would have said that you can't paint copper. All you can do is paint, paint. The objective is to create the illusion of copper. This is my first attempt at creating the illusion of copper. I used Burnt Sienna, Cad Yellow, Transparent Oxide Red and Burnt Umber in addition to white. For the first hour or so - the first quarter of the kettle - it didn't look like copper at all or indeed like anything and certainly not a kettle. It was only as it got nearer to completion that the illusion started to work. One of the lessons I need to learn is patience and resisting the temptation to give up too soon.
Last post for this week. Have a great weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings.