Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hound on the Chesterfield

This one is bigger than usual and also caused more aggro than usual. I found the shadow colour very difficult to get right - it was too muddy - and wiped the painting 3x before I was happy. I practised mixing "hound colour" separately until I felt I had got it right. 

Here are the value strings I mixed. The second row down is yellow ochre at the mid point, with burnt sienna and white for the high values and burnt sienna and ultramarine for the low values. The third (bottom) row is the same thing but using raw sienna. The very top row is the raw sienna string mixed out again but with the addition of a very little Naples Yellow in order to increase opacity. The trouble with raw sienna is it is too transparent for a job like this hound, but this solution worked and is the one I went for.

I am fighting shadow colour all the time - it is often too muddy - and I am pretty sure I am mixing my shadows too cool so I am working on that. Also, I made a 10 value string as well just to try and get on top of these pigments and found the low values much, much harder: basically on the first pass I had 7 light values, 2 medium values and one slightly dark. So I must work harder at keeping my darks, dark. That's my resolution for the day!

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