Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Milky Bar Kids

This is a litter of rare breed Saddleback pigs. Photographing or painting them in any other position was an impossibility due to the fact they never stopped moving. What you can't see from either my painting or photo is that you are here looking at the top layer of piggies only. It is a two tier milk bar. Underneath this little lot is another identical row. I think there were 14 piglets, but I'm not sure.
Painted in gouache - my first time with this medium. I had three shots at it in oils and ended up with something resembling slurry each time. I might have another shot in oils when I am feeling braver.
The post title is derived from one of my favourite adverts (and sweeties) when I was little. In case anyone has been severely deprived and not see it, here it is: