Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sweet reflections

A big scoop of liquorice all sorts. This was fun to paint though I can't stand liquorice and even as a child I hated it. I loved the colours so much though that every so often I would succumb and eat some, concluding they were much nicer to look at than to eat!
Achieving the acid yellow and pink and the rather artificial looking orange was surprisingly difficult. I suppose Winsor & Newton have worked hard for years to produce quality pigments without a hint of artificiality and there's me, sat here, mixing and re-mixing in order to achieve just the right note of saccharine artificiality!
Today I am starting a contract in a "proper job" which will sadly reduce the amount of time I have for painting. It is only for a temporary period and needs must, I'm afraid, as paintings of sweeties do not pay the bills. 
I think it is very hard to support yourself through painting even if you work as hard as you possibly can.

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