Monday, 29 July 2013

Bilbo in the woods

Until a few days ago, when the rain came back, it was too hot to walk my little dog during the day, so I started taking him early in the morning. The woods are quite different then, they smell different (so Bilbo tells me) and the quality of light is sharper and more haunting somehow. 

This is a small painting, 8"x6", completed in about an hour with no preliminary drawing: I just went for it with a ½" flat brush. I turned the brush on to its side and used just the tip of each corner to capture the dog - he is a very tiny figure in this painting, about ½" wide and the same tall - and I put a touch of black paint on the tip of one corner and white on the other so I could paint him in more or less one shot by twisting the brush round. I felt that if I fiddled at all with such a large brush it would all go horribly wrong.

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