Monday, 15 July 2013

Cool Dude

Super hot over the weekend - or what passes for super hot in the UK. The thermometer on my patio reached 40ºC (104ºF) and even my little dog wasn't keen to chase the ball. This painting wasn't done in one sitting as my daily paintings normally are: I can't find a way of laying down light, curly fur on to a darker base without creating a pool of mud. 

Also, the eyes would have been difficult in one go - I painted his eyes first (using imagination mainly as they weren't really visible in the reference photo) and when dry, I put the glasses in on top. 

For some reason, my paints are drying super fast at the moment. So fast it can be quite hard to work with them. I have no idea why heat would cause oil paint to dry faster: I tried looking it up but got befuddled with strings of molecules and long words - polymerisation finished me off. E-mail me if you can explain this bit of chemistry to me in simple words!

Thank you for looking at my paintings. Have a good week.