Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lake view

Roadford Lake with Bodmin in the distance
This was the view from the back garden of my neighbour's farm early the other morning. Oils on board.

In the mid foreground is the bridge which takes you to the main trunk road connecting Devon and Cornwall to the rest of the world. It was closed for a while last year when a combine harvester caught fire and the only other escape route involved driving all the way round the lake. In the distance and right-ish in the painting is the sailing centre and in the distance and central is the dam. The far distance hills are Bodmin Moor.

This one is gouache on paper. Same neighbour, also early morning, moving the cows to graze. The rest of the herd and the other neighbour at the front have disappeared round the bend. These cows are the stragglers.

I have only done a handful of landscapes and am currently reflecting on whether to do more or not. It's always hard to know, when you are just beginning to learn how to do something, whether any lack of enthusiasm is due to the media/subject or your own lack of expertise. I am at that stage with landscapes. I think I will summon up maximum determination and persevere until I am sure one way or another whether I like doing them. I certainly don't like photographing them to post on here: they are piggy difficult. I tried 2 different cameras and a flatbed scanner and the top painting still looks nicer in real life. 

No sunshine here so far today and a tiny bit of rain. Just enough to damp down the dust and rachet the humidity up about 500%!! 

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