Friday, 19 July 2013

Swan (1)

Once a week for a little while, I'm going to paint a bigger 'daily painting' involving swans. Partly because I love these elegant birds, who can make such beautiful shapes with their bodies, partly to practise water. 

If I stop feeling nervous about painting still water, I might go mad and attempt something more ambitious. Rivulets, waves and surf, waterfalls, torrents!! But I'll take this one step at a time. The current obsession with cool water being partly due to the heat I think.

This whole painting was done on an underpainting of cadmium orange to provide an underlying colour harmony and to try and achieve the level of transparency that water has.

It is so hot here that even my little dog has been willing to paddle in the stream on our walk in the woods. Normally, Bilbo appears phobic about water: he is even fastidious about drinking in case he gets a single droplet on his whiskers. The stream, by the way, would make a lovely painting: last night the over-hanging beech trees were garlanded with wild honeysuckle and there were dragon flies darting in and out.

Finally (!) this week I am the featured artist on Daily Paintworks in the US. Go to this link to read my interview