Friday, 25 October 2013

dog on the duvet 4 (and work in progress shots)

Last of my dog on a duvet paintings for now. As previously, I painted this using the Richard Schmid method, which is a sort of "finish as you go" approach. Here are some work-in-progress shots so you can see what I mean. I started off by toning the board in a wash of scarlet just to get rid of the white. Not sure I'll use that colour again, by the way. A bit too dark.
As you can see, I only put in a few guidelines. Still can't imagine starting without any though; I have a tendency to paint big so chances are my canvas would be all nose and eyeball with no space for tail etc if I was left to my own devices
The main thing with this approach is to try and remember that the edges will need attention if the subject is to be properly integrated into the setting. I use Griffin Alkyd oils which dry fast so this is means I do need to complete the painting in one day otherwise it will be dry and I have yet to find an easy way of softening edges once they have dried. It is possible: I am just not very good at it
then I simply "made up" a background, trying to suggest a comfy bedroom in which this little doggy was snatching 40 winks - in the certain knowledge that he ought not to be there (at least that is what his expression says to me).
Have a great weekend and thank you for looking at my painting.

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