Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pumpkin Pie

This was great fun to paint. I used all my various shades of Cadmium Yellow and had a great time - yellow is my favourite colour. Achieving the shadow colour took a bit of thought. Using tube black was a no-no (black paint is, fundamentally, a very dark blue. If you use that alongside yellow, you get...yep, green. Cow pat green. Yuck). After a bit of experimentation I found dioxazine purple (the complementary) and burnt sienna worked really well to make a warm, rich dark. Hope you like him.

That's it for blog posts now until next week. I have a tricky commission to work on (a pair of ridgebacks). I have 3 other commissions all completed and ready to show you; they have been ordered as birthday presents for next week so I am just waiting for the birthday boys and girl to receive them first.

Have a good rest of the week/weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings. 

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