Thursday, 12 December 2013

Andalusian mare 1

As you will have worked out from the title, I intend to do more than one of these horsey paintings. This is the triumph of optimism over experience, because so far the others in my "series" have all been wipers. Still, I will persevere as I feel it is time to overcome my worry about painting horses. 
I find them extraordinarily difficult and wonder how much of that is psychological as I am the most nervous and terrified horse-rider in world history. My experiences on horseback are the stuff of nightmares and horror stories, or at any rate ones involving a great many over-hanging branches whipping past at speed and culminating in the ignominy of a large clump of stinging nettles. 
Since riding is out of the question ("dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle") it would be nice to be able to paint them. I was inspired by this famous painting by George Stubbs, called Whistlejacket:
Apart from the incredibly beautiful colouring, brushwork and draughtsmanship - awe inspiring - I think he has also succeeded in capturing exquisitely that precise moment the horse threw its hapless rider into the nettles.
Have a lovely weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings.

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