Thursday, 19 December 2013

Black horse

This is a Friesian horse (or should that be Frisian?) I think it's a boy, not sure. S/he lives in Spain. I was struck by the challenge of painting the glossy, monochrome coat and rather baffled by the contradictions there seemed to be in his form. When I checked him out, though, all was revealed: graceful, nimble, elegant (ticks on all counts) but also with conformation resembling a light draft horse. What an interesting combination. Apparently, these horses used to carry lightly-armoured knights in the Middle Ages. So romantic, as well. 
In terms of technique, he is painted on shiny, smooth board, so using black and white requires a very, very delicate touch: putting the paint on then leaving it alone - I do not blend at all, but mix any shades of grey required on the palette. If it all goes wrong, well the beauty of board is you just take the offending patch off with a cotton bud (Q tip) and you're back to pristine white board and ready for another go. Hope you like him.
Last of my blogs for this week: have a great weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings.

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