Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Carriages at dawn

This painting was based on a photograph taken in London a couple of years ago (by Franklin). I assume it is a Royal or ceremonial carriage of some kind. In the photo you can see the crown/crest on the carriage door - too small a motif to reproduce on this scale. The painting is only 8" x 6" so it was a challenge. I had to hold my breath to paint the spokes on the wheels - because I painted it alla prima (all in one go) the paint was wet so I only had one crack at it. Wiping off a mistake would mean wiping off the background as well.

The only time I have ridden in a carriage - it was an open Landau-type - was on one of those tourist ones in Salzburg. They are a bit naff, cost a fortune and do everything except pipe "The Sound of Music" into your ears as you are clip-clopped round the cobbles at a tremendous speed - presumably so they can get back and pick up the next load of suckers  valued and respected patrons. But it was FAB and I would do it again any day. Here is one like it:

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