Thursday, 13 February 2014

Red Umbrella 3

My little black dog appears again in today's daily painting: he was in Prague on Tuesday, today he is in Vannes in North West France. I painted it because of a fantasy that rain would be so much nicer in a place like this, but I'm sure that's not the case really. If you feel this scene looks too pretty to be true, here is the Wiki Commons image of Vannes that I partly referenced:
James Gurney, both on his blog and in his books, describes the particular difficulty of painting very "pretty" scenes. He shorthands it as the "dolphins-leaping-at-sunset" problem. 

The problem being it is almost impossible to paint such a scene without it looking like a tacky tourist postcard. To get round it you have to do things like I have done here: rake a hogs hair fan brush across the wet paint to represent rain and in the process "de-prettify" the scene. Of course, if you want to produce a picture postcard effect then this won't be necessary.

Talking of picture postcards, once when we were driving back to the UK from Austria, we were diverted from the autobahn in south west Germany due to an accident. Quite unexpectedly we found ourselves apparently inside a fairy tale. Looked like this:
No idea how you would de-prettify this scene in paint.

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