Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kitten in monochrome

"Transparent monochrome as finished painting" is Richard Schmid's 3rd method of starting in the chapter of the same name (Alla Prima - Everything I know About Painting). This little kitten was painted first in full glorious colour but the result was not a success. I had sat him on velvet blue cushions. He is a ginger. Softening the edges - so he didn't look like a stuck on kitten - had a result which was entirely predictable if I had switched my brain on before beginning. Orange and blue mixed together make…? Yep. You guessed it. My old friend, cow-pat green.
So I made him again using only reddish earth colours (cheated with a bit of yellow for his lovely eyes). Not the painting I had planned, but I like it.
Painting in monochrome is much harder than it looks, by the way. But at least you don't get cow-pats.

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