Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Last One

This is the biggest painting I have done so far - 24" x 18"- and I am pleased with it. I managed to work black against orange across the whole canvas without once descending into CowPat Hell *.  I used a beautiful photo taken by Paul Sherman on PMP.
The hardest thing about the decision to make learning how to paint your full-time preoccupation, is having to be your own cheerleader as well as your own teacher. Disinterest or outright rejection is hard to bear because there is always the underlying concern about whether you will ever be any good. Of course, you just have to keep on painting because that is the only way to find out.
In case you are wondering why this soliloquy today, it is because I entered this painting for a wildlife art competition, but it wasn't short-listed. 
Cezanne, by the way, wasn't allowed to take part in any exhibitions in his day, because everyone hated his work. This is a comfort because if it could happen even to one so great as him, then really I have no right to feel sorry for myself at all.

* regular readers will know that orange and back if injudiciously used together produces a particularly unenticing shade of green.

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