Wednesday, 9 April 2014

We two + demo

A low key painting today after yesterday's higher key. I started with an MDF panel that I had gessoed myself and laid out the cats in pencil. I then washed weak burnt sienna over the top and wiped out the white bits of the cats.
Next step was to do their eyes, as at this scale I felt they would be tricky

sorry that is a bit out of focus. I was using my little camera and just pointing and shooting at the easel. Then I started to apply the paint using the Richard Schmid "selective start (or big bang method)" that I have talked to you about before

I had already decided to put these two little chaps on to a sumptuous red background (I wanted to make them look as warm and cosy as possible) so I diverted at this point to putting in some background. Partly so I could judge the values in the fur and partly to ensure some of the colour of the background was reflected into their fur

and at this point I did my usual trick of forgetting to take any more photos. But, to be honest, the hard work was done by this stage. I just bashed on - taking care to mix nice greys for the shadows in their white fur (I used alizarin and ultramarine with white). Where I did deviate from the Richard Schmid approach is that I waited for the painting to dry and then applied some thin glazes to correct the colour of the cushions (they were a bit too red) and I also had to work on the white fur a bit. Here is the result again to save you scrolling back up to the top:

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