Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Arabian Noon

Here is the second of my three part Arabian series. Also painted from a reference photo taken by AinslieG. Before I started this one, I tried to visualise what it was like to be very, very hot and to have no shade from the mid-day sun. I have never been to an Arabian country so had to use my imagination. As far as I am concerned - it's like this. The paint colour chiefly used in the background is, in fact, called "Indian Yellow".  Not a colour I get a chance to use very often, but one of my favourites.
I was asked yesterday whether I used a palette knife to do the mane. No. I am rubbish at using a palette knife and it is on my (very long) "to do" list to try and get the hang of it. I used a sword brush from Rosemary and Co exactly like the smaller of these two:
You need only a very little paint, it has to be quite dry (no mediums) and you sort of swish it. The key is not to fiddle. I always make sure the rest of the painting is dry before I start swishing so any disasters can be wiped off.

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