Thursday, 15 May 2014


I had loads of fun with this one. In the original reference shot (many thanks to AinslieG), the mare was galloping against a green backdrop of trees and bushes. I wanted a simple background that would make the horse "pop" and I thought this purple storm would complement the orange tones of her coat nicely.
Yesterday I went to local livery stables to see my first Arab horse in real life and enjoyed myself very much. Here is one of the lovely ladies:
and again, with her owner
Photographing horses is harder than painting them I have decided. They are constantly in motion, even when being held. Endless ear flicking, mane tossing and pawing the ground. I thought this pawing the ground business meant she didn't like me  (like a bull supposedly does just before he charges you). Apparently it only meant she wanted her tea. I wasn't convinced. But I'm going back tomorrow...

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