Monday, 26 May 2014

Sylvia's horse

This is Lizzie, an Arab mare who lives at the local livery stables. I posted a photo of her the other week. Her owner was most anxious that I should record in paint only her best bits. 
Apparently she has various points of non-conformation. I wouldn't know - I thought all of her looked nice. However, her back, knees (do horses have knees?), ankles and another knobbly bit I have forgotten, were said to be less than ideal. 
So I selected this pose as everyone seems to agree she has a beautiful head and as far as I know her shoulder passes muster as well. 

Here is a photo of me with all my non-conforming bits hidden from view:

Actually, this is a reproduction of Kasimir Severinovich Malevich's Black Square, 1923. Oil on canvas, Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. This was probably a bit less trouble to paint than a white horse, what do you think?

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