Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Yawn

A beautiful Bengal cat, painted in two sessions. First session: outline, background and the  darkest darks of his markings. I let that lot dry. The second session involved putting in all the fur and other colours apart from the very darks. Worked a treat: it was pretty quick to paint and I had no mud. Yippee. 

The challenge was to remain confident that the painting would emerge by the end and not be tempted to add the lighter colours before the darks were dry: after the first session he looked a bit cartoon-like and I was worried, but I left him to dry with his face to the wall so I wouldn't be tempted to fiddle. 

I sometimes think that a lot of my failures and wipers can be put down to nothing more complex than my own impatience. I wonder how to speed learn patience (how about that for a contradiction in terms?!)? 

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is not a large painting, but it took him more than six years to paint, which is thought-provoking, don't you think?

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