Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dust Storm

This one, and a second horse painting, has been pre-occupying me for a while now. I thought I might enter a painting into the annual competition held by the  UK Society of Equestrian Artists. Part of me thinks I need to paint more and get better before I do that, but the thing about competitions is they do provide a deadline and an incentive to crack on and try something different and more challenging. 

This painting is 16"x12" on gessoed panel. Any other support would make it difficult to get the very sleek finish that I was aiming for on the horses. Trouble is, I'm not sure I like it. My second possible entry is still drying and is larger so I will photograph that to show you later. 

One of the reference photographs was taken by Ainslie Gilles and used with her kind permission. The other was taken by Manal Ali and shared on PMP. Many thanks Ainslie and Manal!

The deadline for this competition is next week so I am going to have to make my mind up whether I enter one of them, both of them or neither.
Once I have posted the second, perhaps I should put it to the vote?? I think blogger has the option of holding a poll...

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