Thursday, 12 June 2014

Five minutes peace

This one is in honour of my cat and his ability to sleep in the most unlikely places - commonly under a hedge but I am sure he would love a flower pot in the sun if he could find one that was free. This one is a bit more impressionistic in style than usual; I used lots of dabbing-type brush strokes and no blending apart from the pot. This is  because it is a complicated subject for a little painting and I didn't want to over fuss it so it became illustrative in style, I wanted an immediacy. An impression, I suppose.
Speaking of which, in the news this morning I see that Sotheby's are proud to announce that the centrepiece of their auction on June 14th is a water lilies painting by Claude Monet. The estimate is £20-30 million (about $50 million). Don't think smashing my piggy bank or hunting down the back of the sofa for coins is going to cut it
Claude Monet’s NymphĂ©as (Water Lilies) to lead Sotheby’s June 2014 Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale. Photo by Sotheby's
I can't find that Monet ever painted a cat, impressionistically or otherwise. Edouard Manet did, though, in 1880: La Femme au Chat
this painting belongs to the Tate, so probably no point saving up for it. Last of my blog posts for this week. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings.

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