Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tibetan boy

This enchanting little chap was one of those rare paintings that seemed to paint itself. I had thought about how to tackle it on and off for a few days before I picked up a brush. I decided I wanted to try and create the effect of the child emerging organically from the background, very much like Richard Schmid does with some of his portraits. You can see some on his archive gallery page if you are interested.

I am reminded of that quote from Michelangelo I shared with you a few months back: "I see an angel trapped in the marble and I carve until he is free". There is always a subject trapped in the canvas. The heart-stopping thing is whether or not it will be possible to free them. I usually end up dismayed that my skill level is not up to the rescue mission.

Sometimes, though, they are freed.

This was painted from a reference photo with kind permission of Neil Cartwright. 

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