Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Girl with cat

This one is the opposite of yesterday's  - not quick to paint at all. It took several days to render this little girl and I am still not sure I have got her exactly right. I am very keen to do more paintings of people and their animals, so my mission now is to try and get more reference material to work from. I need models, basically. 
Whilst I would prefer to have the opportunity to work from life I realise people are unlikely to have the time to spare. Their animals certainly won't. So I will take my camera everywhere with me now and seek out opportunities. Hopefully people will say it is OK and I will aim to take the picture before they have changed their minds. Here are some more girls with cats:
From top left, clockwise: Renoir (1875), Renoir (1880), Manet (1880) and  Gauguin (1890). 

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