Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Lassie Come Home

This beautiful dog is in fact called Léia and the photo is courtesy Michèle Challaux, but all Rough Collies are called Lassie so far as I am concerned. I have an abiding memory as a child of about 6 watching the film one Christmas Eve and crying bitterly because I felt my heart would break. Mum was thoroughly exasperated and switched the TV off. So - can you believe it - I never found out if Lassie came home. How terrible is that?
Léia is painted thinly on a background of Transparent Oxide Red and black; I paid attention to the eyes but otherwise used a large brush and sweeping strokes. Because of the tendency of the black fur to intermingle with the orange fur and create cow pat green (in oil paint that is, not life!) it is vital not to fuss or muck about.

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