Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Old spaniel and on trying to avoid farkling

Just a quick post today of a quick painting: a lovely, elderly spaniel. Painted very fast with a half inch flat brush (apart from his eye) and using no tube black at all. I mixed a chromatic black from alizarin, ultramarine and burnt umber. All being transparent or nearly so, I added a little bit of cad red at one point to increase opacity. Greys are alizarin and cerulean blue, my current favourite grey.

I painted fast on purpose to see if I could - to prevent fussing or, my latest word of choice: farkling. Defined as a word belonging to the vernacular of the US motorcyclist, and referring to accessories or the act of accessorizing a motorcycle, I think it works very well for painting. 
I am too much given to farkling with my work. Less is more, and all that.

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