Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Look (No 2)

A higher key painting than normal, experimenting with some different colours to try and depict this very slender, rather forlorn, brindle-coated greyhound. He was very pale and backlit on a wintry day so I tried to make an interesting painting out of a rather dull photo because I liked the dog. 

There is something about the dignity and gentleness of this breed that appeals to me very much, despite the fact they always look hungry to me. Greyhounds are a very ancient breed. Carvings of them have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 2900AD. They are known to have arrived in the UK - brought in by traders - about 2000 years ago. They looked very similar then to the way they look now: a remarkable thing in the world of dog breeds.

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