Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tintagel, Cornwall

The gulls are looking towards the ruins of Tintagel Castle. They were quite a long way away, steering clear of the crowds and tourists I suppose. I am still practising landscapes. This study could be a precursor to a more finished painting, but I would have to think about the mid-ground. It is a cropped, rather parched olive and pale ochre as I have tried to depict, with nothing there, but a bit dull. I am unsure, I suppose, of my overall composition. 

What I liked about the view that originally prompted me to photograph it, was the echo it created in my mind of lines from Dylan Thomas' poem Under Milkwood. It is my all time favourite poem, and my all time favourite bit is the song of Revd Eli Jenkins in which he talks about Milkwood's "Heron's Head, where the gulls go to be lonely". Here is Richard Burton reading the bit I mean. The lonely gulls come in at 1.15

I realise that is Wales and this is Cornwall, but I am sticking with the Celtic connection.

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