Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Labrador puppy

labrador in oil paint
Since last week I have spent a bit of time sat, paws crossed and looking thoughtful, reviewing how I am getting my work out "there" to the big, wide world. It is a difficulty as perplexing as how to paint a labrador puppy sat on a tiled floor. 

Two or three years ago, blogs like this one were all the rage and the go-to vehicle for publicising your artistic (and other) efforts. You probably remember media stories of people in isolated rural farmhouses becoming sudden global celebrities and millionaires because they posted their novel/cookery book/child care advice/computer game or app (delete as applicable) on to a blog and got "snapped up" by some cash rich and eager publisher.

I don't think it works like that any more. There seem to be far fewer blogs where the posts are regular (once per week or more); in fact, I can only think of half a dozen art blogs in that category that I actually follow. In terms of traffic, East European spammers and more exotic sounding spammers from the Russian Far East are as likely to form the majority of it as anyone else.

What is your opinion, gentle reader? If you think blogging still has a role to play and is worth continuing with (or if you don't ) leave me your thoughts in the comment section or drop me an e-mail if you prefer karenrobinson4 [at] me [dot] com 
(e-mail address slightly disguised to deter the Russian spammers).

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