Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Not Quite Autumn

This morning I could see my breath as I walked the dog early; the other sign of the changing season is that although the trees still seem green on a quick glance if you look properly you can see that to paint them you would need to introduce some oranges and yellows into the palette. 
Today's painting is based on a reference photo by Janina Suuronen called "Just a Little Walk" - thanks, Janina. I took inspiration for the woodland colour palette from one of my own photos from last year taken in the local forest where I walk my dog every day:
I had anticipated having some challenges with painting the horse and the tack, but not particularly with the woodland. Wrong. 
In terms of process, I put the sky in first (although not much is left visible), scrubbed in the woodland track roughly and then put in the trees. 
I laid leaves on top. 
And the trees disappeared. 
I scraped off some leaves and restated the trees and the delicate colour harmony disappeared to mush. 
I scraped off the mush and re-painted the trees. 
In putting the leaves back on I lost half of the trees. 
I scraped off the leaves and re-stated the trees…
There is a famous Bernard Cribbins song, "Right, said Fred" (link through to YouTube) which just about sums up the process I went through to realise this painting.

So, on that note - I am off to have a cup of tea. 

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