Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Daxie re-visited

oil painting of a dachshund, a pet portrait by karen
When I started daily painting in January 2013, the issue of what to do with "all" those paintings wasn't something that really occurred to me. 
I was mainly anxious about whether or not I would achieve my resolution of painting every day. 
Well, I have achieved it and as a result I have an awful lot of paintings. I used to joke that I could tile the kitchen floor with them. Some paintings I have been lucky enough to sell, some I have not offered for sale - or exposed to the harsh light of the internet at all; some were commissioned and vanished in the mail never to be seen again. 
But that still leaves a lot of paintings. 

This little dachshund was one, sat in a shoe box in the cupboard looking unloved.
 "Shoebox paintings" are currently allocated by me as follows: 

  • doomed for the sanding pile, 
  • likely to be a "keeper"
  • a possibility for recycling.

The sanding pile is what it sounds like: I paint on MDF board, so the paint can be removed with an electric sander and the board re-gessoed and re-used. 
I read about an artist who ditched MDF panel as a support because it was too difficult to toss or burn the failures. Just sand them down is what I say.
The "keeper" pile is basically my favourites: paintings of my own dog for example, or other paintings I like for sentimental reasons.
The "recycling" pile is a new pile. It wasn't until I had more than 200 paintings in the cupboard that it occurred to me to start this category. 
Basically, just because no-one has bought a painting yet, doesn't mean it is rubbish. Deciding whether something is for sanding or recycling isn't always easy of course, but I thought this little dachshund was a recycler. 
I got two dachshund commissions last year on the back of this little daily painting, although no-one bought this particular dog. So it is his turn for a day in the limelight again.

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