Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Legend, a Bloodhound

An oil painting of a bloodhound, Legend a bloodhound, pet painting, a pet portrait,
This fabulous dog is painted from a reference photo courtesy of Barbara M Walker. The bloodhound was a common subject for paintings by Sir Edwin Landseer - I have posted a couple and even made a copy of one:
oil painting Dignity and Impudence, Sir Edwin Landseer and a copy by pet portraits by karen
"Dignity & Impudence" by Sir Edwin Landseer on the left, my copy on the right, minus the dog's chain as I don't like the idea of chaining dogs up. As you can see, the bloodhound is recognisable as such in Landseer's painting but he was not so wrinkly then as he is now.
Blood hounds, by the way, are not so called because they are blood-thirsty (they are not), nor because they like blood (we are talking a very docile dog here, not a vampire) nor because they can scent blood: they are so called because they are of noble birth. Apparently. 
Famous for their ability to track scent, here is the comparison: people have about 5 million smell receptors in their noses. Bloodhounds have 4 billion.

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