Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Taking a virtual holiday

oil painting of New Orleans
New Orleans
A number of my friends and neighbours have been taking glamorous holidays in far flung places. I thought about where I would like to go and New Orleans was the answer. 
So I decided to paint myself a little jazz band to play in my imaginary speakeasy. I even went and bought a large pot of cajun seasoning and raw prawns to make supper with. Could be taking things a bit far.
The painting challenge with this one was that, first of all, the reference photo (courtesy Debra Duke) was over exposed - and none the worse for that I hasten to add - but it meant to paint it I had to use quite a bit of imagination when it came to the colour palette.  I have decorated my speakeasy in shades of magenta and gold and dressed my band up in yellow because it is my favourite colour. The next problem was how to ensure the instruments actually stood out from the yellow clothing? After all, there is only paint to work with: we cannot actually paint with gold or melted brass. 
After a goodly amount of angst and a certain amount of wiping off, sighing and re-starting, I opted for warm yellows in the clothing: cad yellow medium, mainly with Gamblin warm white rather than cold Titanium for the highlights, but cool yellow for the instrument: cad lemon and Titanium white. 
I think it worked.

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