Thursday, 4 September 2014

Tortoiseshell cat

Oil painting of tortoiseshell cat pet portrait
A magnificent looking cat today, very difficult to paint  due to the risk of muddying the colours. This one is painted very quickly, all in one sitting, on gessoed board that I had previously toned with Transparent Red Oxide oil paint and left to dry for a few days. I found the key was to put a brush stroke down and then Leave It Alone. If the brush stroke goes on wrong, I remove it very carefully with a cotton bud (Q tip) and then place it a second time, hopefully correctly. This way, there is a chance of retaining the complex colours of her coat and not turning the whole cat to mush.
So I build the cat from the eyes outwards one brush stroke at a time and without re-visiting any of them.
Here are 2 tortoiseshells by Renoir, painted in 1881. Admittedly, the cats are not the main focus of the painting, but I think it is awesome - and it would have been super difficult to paint.
Last blog post for this week: have a great weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings.

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