Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Green Pasture

oil painting Green Pasture, landscape, cows, pet portraits by karen
This little painting is a study for a larger piece that I am painting as part of an on-line course I am currently doing with Daniel Edmondson.
My first attempt at Green Pasture was on a large canvas, as per Dan's instructions, but within about 6 hours I had lost the will to live as I could not make it work. So I stuck that canvas in the cupboard with its face to the wall. 
My next attempt was small (10"x8") and this is the result; I am pleased with it. Instead of doing a block-in of the main shapes and/or the main darks and shadows, I decided to do the Richard Schmid selective start or big bang approach that I have mentioned on this blog a number of times. 
I started in the top left hand corner of the canvas and worked across and down until the whole thing was completed, one brush stroke at a time. The only exception was the foreground which I left until last. 
I put that in using a palette loaded with big lumps of paint and a small palette knife (no 2).
Tomorrow I will post the large version because as soon as I had completed this small study I went on to do the big piece for the 2nd time (on a fresh canvas; the disastrous one remains in the cupboard with its face to the wall of shame). I used exactly the same approach as in this study, but with bigger brushes. 

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