Thursday, 23 October 2014

Red Collie

oil painting of a red collie in bright sunlight. A pet portrait by Karen
A day of numbers today. This is my 300th blog post  since I decided on 1 January 2013 that I would paint every day in an effort to improve.
During the 22 months since, I have painted 272 "daily" paintings (not including "wipers" or any others that were not wiped but did end up with their faces to the wall in the cupboard of shame).
I have also completed 92 other paintings including commissions. 
Hopefully I am improving.
Certainly I can safely observe that I barely own a single item of clothing any more that is not embellished with at least one paint splodge.
Perhaps I should post some shots of my clothing in the manner of Tracy Emin and her unmade bed? No?? 
Ok, perhaps not.
No more posts until next week now. Thank you for looking at my paintings.

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