Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Working dog (on a grey day)

oil painting of a working dog, weimaraner, painted on a grey day on Dartmoor. A pet painting by Karen.

Looking for inspiration for this, my 99th doggy painting this year (not counting commissions, wipers etc) I thought I would paint some working dogs. 
There are plenty here. Backgrounds are required and I have many photos taken of the countryside and moors round where I live. I was struck by how many of them had lowering, gun metal grey skies. Weimaraner grey. It must be a feature of the moor. 
This painting was therefore a challenge in differentiating grey. I mixed the majority from base colours of cobalt blue and cadmium yellow which I then greyed using Transparent Oxide Red (warm greys) or Permanent Rose (cool greys) and some violet for a little extra kick now and then. It was fun to do and was one of those rare paintings that seemed to paint itself. 
The foreground was arrived at by experiment and repeated failure. I did it last and was determined not to lose my doggy so ultimately I felt I had to make it work. I slapped on olive green, naples yellow, some yellow ochre - all liberally cut with white - and got a perfect boggy colour. 
Perfectly disgusting, in fact. 
I thought: but this IS the colour of the moor so why does it look so foul? I know - it needs highlights. Rather than add more white I scratched off some paint to create highlights using a metal skewer. Then some more. Then yet more - until I ended up with this. I like it.

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  1. Beautiful painting, Thanks for the info on the grays.