Thursday, 27 November 2014


oil painting, still life, copper, metal,
A little still life painting I did to enter a Daily Paintworks challenge. I bought these props for £1.50 each in a charity shop. The coffee pot (?) is 10 inches tall, the other two correspondingly smaller. 
I draped my little still life corner with black felt, then stood these pots on a mirror and shone a spot on them. The reflection was almost perfect in real life, but I knocked it back to try and achieve a bit of mystery. 
Apart from the use of a mop brush where I wanted to knock back paint ridges, this was painted with a palette knife.
The colours I used to paint the copper were Rembrandt Cad Yellow Deep and Transparent Oxide Red (wonderful colours); then Winsor and Newton (Griffin Alkyd) Lemon, Cad Yellow Medium (hue), white and black. There is also a fair bit of purple in the blacks.
That's all on the blog for this week. Happy Thanksgiving to all US readers, and thank you to everyone for looking at my paintings.

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