Wednesday, 5 November 2014


palette knife oil painting of a poppy for Remembrance Day
My palette knife poppy for Remembrance Day. 
I thoroughly enjoyed using lavish amounts of Cad Red and Cad Yellow Deep to paint this poppy. I finished it maybe 3 days ago and it is still so wet I had a job moving it about to photograph it. A scan was completely out of the question. 

I am not used to using "ordinary" oil paint - normally, I use W&N Griffin Alkyds, which are reliably touch dry within 24 hours. So it is a bit of a shock. But it has been such fun playing with my new paints. Here they are:
My selection of Rembrandt oil paints
From left to right: Transparent Oxide Brown (which I use all the time, instead of Burnt Umber. Much better: much less likely to turn muddy); Transparent Oxide Red (also one I use all the time, instead of Burnt Sienna), Permanent Red Light, Manganese Pthalo, Yellow Ochre Light ( a fabulous colour: I also use Michael Harding'a Yellow Ochre Deep); Cadmium Yellow Deep, Olive Green, Sap Green, Ivory Black and Transparent White. 
I bought the Transparent White because I thought it would be useful for scumbling: to add mist and fog for example, or the breath of animals on a cold morning. It is hard to do this with Tit. White. 
I only ever use W&N Alkyd Tit. White, by the way. I tried another brand, not alkyd, and felt myself growing visibly older waiting for it to dry .

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